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At Hilton & Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Holly Hilton and Doug Hilton, Of Counsel, have been practicing civil law for thirty years.  The law firm was established in 2006 and focuses on estate planning for all clients in all walks of life (that is, Wills, Trusts, medical directives, etc.), elder and special needs planning, guardianship and related litigation.  The lawyers also handle small business matters and family law matters for clients who are seeking negotiated solutions.   Whether you need to manage your affairs to provide security for loved ones after you pass or advocacy and assistance for incapacitated loved ones, you can trust our lawyers to provide you with personalized and professional services.

Lawyers Who Care

You will receive attentive and focused attention from our lawyers, who understand the anxiety, stress and difficulties that come with handling legal matters.  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to be empowered to resolve matters within our areas of practice in a manner that brings relief and peace, and minimizes damage in the relationships as well as possible.

Special Needs Solutions

Caring for either a minor child with a developmental diagnosis or an aging loved one who is losing capacity can be all-consuming and terribly frightening. Has someone recommended that you get guardianship or power of attorney over your loved one? Holly Hilton’s passion to inform you of your options, help you map out a plan, and put legal solutions in place to help you manage these severe situations, combined with her compassion for your hardships, makes this work a life calling for her.  Call Hilton & Associates to consult with her to help you rise above the confusion and fear and bring sense, purpose and hope into your situation.

We Specialize In…

Wills and Trusts

Writing Wills and Trusts including Special Needs Trust


Guardian and Conservator Litigation

Care-Related Documents

Advance Medical Directives and Powers of Attorney

Small Business

Small Business Legal Support

Long Term Care

Special Needs and Long Term Care Planning

Probate and Estate

Probate & Estate Administration & Distribution, and Property Transfers

Family Law

Advice and Counsel on Family Law Matters